Top 10 Clothing and Fashion Brands in India

Although there are a lot of Famous Brands but here’s a list of top 10 Fashion Brands of India.

1. Raymond

Raymond doesn’t need any introduction for itself, established in 1925 with just a small mill in Mumbai, Raymond is now the world’s leading textile retailer. So it has to be the top in our list. If you are looking for fashion dress for men, this is the best choice in the industry.

2. Fabindia

With over 5500+ handcrafted item in it’s list Fabindia is a great Indian Ethnic Brand for people looking for traditional wear. Fabindia has a vast selection when it comes to Indian Wear.

3. Biba

Another new fashion brand is Biba. They generally sell on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. Best for women looking for tradional dresses in India that won’t affect your budget.

4. Allen Solly

Established in 2001 by Aditya Birla Fashion, Allen Solly is a good choice for Men looking for formal wear. It also has huge collection which include men and women fashion but currently according to me, It is only best for Men Formal Wear.

5. Libaas

Libas started in 2004 by the famous fashion designers in India Reshma and Riyaz Gangji. It is a great fashion brand if you are looking for Daily Indian Wear.

6. Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi is best when it comes to Wedding Brand. If you are looking something to wear for your most important day, No one beats Sabyasachi in this.

7. Global Desi

Global Desi is another great clothing Brand that is best for daily use. They have a huge network stores which you can visit and see their designs.

8. Mufti

Started by Mr. Khushlan, Mufti is first Indian Brand with a global presence. It provides a good range of casual wear with exceptionally high quality material.

9. Louis Philippe

Another Fashion brand by Aditya Birla Fashion, Louis Philippe is the largest Brand in India. It has over 5500 stores in India which makes it largest fashion retailer in India. It also caters everything related to dresses .

10. Ritu Kumar

If you are looking for Luxury Indian Wear, Ritu Kumar has well established her name in this. With her intricate hand embroidery to detailed design, she is perfect for any auspicious event. With this hope you liked our content and follow us for more such updates. Add your views in the comment section.

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